Babes pound beers and get pounded


9 months ago

Nothing says loving like fucking in the back of an Escalade. This little princess has expensive tastes, so she deserves only the best. It’s always hot to see a girl getting fucked in broad daylight out in the open. Makes you a little excited, because you know they could be caught. Well this couple got caught-on camera. That makes it that much more fun for you. This co-ed couldn’t wait to go back to the dorm, she had to have her cock now! These back seat antics are almost too much for you to handle. This bitch opens her legs like a textbook and spreads herself all over the back seat, while her main man slips inside her for some pussy banging action. The fun doesn’t stop there though. When she’s done letting him fuck her, she wants to taste some cum-all over her face. He blows his wad all over her mouth and you can tell by the look on her face that it was well worth the wait.


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